Snorkeling in Pescador Island

One of the new trends right now as an avid traveler is going to foreign places and experience extreme activities on the destination that tourists wanted to stay or visit. That being said, the province of Cebu or the Queen city of the South became one of the top tourist destinations in the country. The province has the best and the most untouched looking land formations there is all thanks to the locals safe-guarding the area thus in return consistent increase in tourist visits are recorded. On the same page, the province does not only take pride of the land resources that it has but its aquatic and how diverse its marine community is.

Since Cebu is surrounded by a vast open water and same goes with the Island of Pescador, it is a perfect place to do some Pescador Island Hopping. From extreme adventure seekers to the more casual one, the place is a perfect place to do some surface and underwater activities. Its waters has the most colorful marine collection and corals as well. Pescador is well-known to be one of the best diving spots in the province, the perfect place for snorkeling and free diving too. There are a whole bunch of new things that could be done in the island which is waiting to be discovered by anyone who visits the place.

Whale shark and Kawasan falls in one day package

Travelers and even non-local visitors from a different region are always fascinated with something new that a particular place has to showcase and as for them, new is always attractive and being the first few people to enjoy the place is very rewarding. Although travelers prefer such experience, others seek places which has or have already positive feedbacks since they are after only on the fun things that they can do when they are in the area already. Central Visayas has always been an eye catcher to foreign guests and non-locals of the region as well. To be specific, Cebu has always been a travel hub and pretty much known in the world to have the best adventure spots that foreign visitors can stay without compromising their expenses.

Talking about fun and a worthwhile experience, whale shark kawasan falls full adventure and or activity is the most recommended by any local travel guide or even the locals to have that worthwhile experience that they are talking and bragging about. Such activities are not very common in any other place for a vacation and that what makes the city of Cebu or the province stand out from the rest of its neighboring provinces.  There are lots of travel agencies online where you can book this package.