Back Pain With Posterior Chain Exercises

When I started working out at a new gym where they do group classes that are pretty intense I started getting quite a bit of low back pain.  The gym really focuses on exercises like dead lifts and squats and other movements that work on the posterior chain muscle.  I know deadlifts are supposed to be a hamstring exercise but every time I did them for a while I felt a burning only in my low back and the next day my low back was sore.  I barely felt anything in my hamstrings.  It was kind of the same thing when I did squats.  I would feel quite a bit of soreness in my low back.

I figured I must have been doing something wrong.  I asked my chiropractor Chandler AZ when I went in to have him work on my back and he gave me some advice.  First he went over the importance of form when doing the exercises to keep the pressure off my back.  I wasn’t too far off but made a couple of adjustments.  The other thing he mentioned was that my low back muscles were weaker than they should be compared to my legs.  That meant that when I do the exercises that involve both, the low back will feel it more because it is the weaker one.  I lowered the weight and listened to his advice and I’ve been feeling great since.  Definitely check out my Chandler chiropractic office if you are having back issues.