Importance of using Plastic Jersey Barriers

Plastic barriers are low density, heavy duty, water filled barriers that are used for short term or small jobs. These are great alternative to the standard concrete barriers as they are less expensive and do not require the added labour costs incurred with installation and transport. The barriers can be easily explored online on websites such as, etc.

These barriers save a lot of time and money as they are portable and thus can be moved from one job site to another without using a crane or truck. They are re-usable and are quite ideal for construction sites, controlling pedestrian traffic, natural disaster barricades, security installations and road projects.

Plastic barriers are available in seven standard colors and these can be ordered in several custom colors. The primary or most commonly ordered colors are bright yellow, orange or white. The water filled plastic barriers are a safe option for roadway work sites as the amount of vehicle damage incurred upon impact is much less than with concrete barriers. There are three most common types of barriers available such as traditional barriers, light weight traditional and low height barriers. Each type of barrier is best for different events. Traditional barriers are usually concrete barriers that can be used on heavy construction sites. Light weight traditional barriers are excellent for emergency situations that require a quick grab and go barrier. In an emergency situation the lightweight barriers perform very well. The low height barriers are excellent for the partitioning of temporary work zones and also work well in parking lots.