Plastic Wall Panels are Economical or NOT?


Wooden wall panels are very expensive. However Plastic Wall Panels are great for the pocket and they also do not need any special maintenance. Wall Jazz india explained about the cost of these pvc plastic panels would be around a few dollars. Also these panels insulate the room well where they are placed. Wall panels from WallJazz are available for around $28 dollars.

Easy to customize

When you are using plastic panels you would need to customize them according to your requirements. For example the requirement of a plastic panel in a bathroom would be different from the requirements needed in your portico. Therefore you can customize these panels based on your requirement. For example you can select brightly colored plastic panels for your bathroom. However when you are selecting them for your garden portico area then you can use semi-transparent panels. This would help to bring in the natural light, but in a controlled manner. If you are using them in children room you could incorporate insulation features and this would help them to be warm during winter and cool during summer.

Hassle free maintenance regime

When you invest in plastic panels on the wall, you do not have to do much on maintenance.  These wall panels do not attract much dirt and can be cleaned simply by using warm water and few drops of detergent. Here you can use a sponge to clean the plastic walls in a more effective manner.

Very durable

Wooden panels have a high aesthetic value, but they absorb moisture and this weathers them after a few years. When you use plastic panels they are waterproof and thus do not absorb moisture. In fact a good brand would last you for years.

Easy handling

Wooden panels require professional handling when they are being installed. Plastic panels can be installed easily by following the manufacture guidelines. They are either nailed or glued. You can also remove them easily without any hassle.

When selecting these pvc plastic panels understand the quality of these panels by studying various brands available in the market like Wall Jazz india, pepperfry, epiplastics etc.