How to Make WeChat Stickers?

From this post I want to explain how to make it Wechat stickers. If you are new to instant messaging and chat applications please check this post from You can learn more information about stickers. Well, let we see about how to create Wechat stickers. We first of our Google Play You go looking for this app called Gif Edit Maker video. Then go to find download Once downloaded and then we open our camera. We took a CS Ya action for a few. This does make a good burst Then we choose our full burst All stored.  Then we choose the amount now Photos. Then we just those CS Into them. After you have selected 8 Press Then this is what we call a dynamic photo gif Then now is the broadcast of a second speed to play. Because it is written on top of one second And now we can change its speed. We change it faster You can change it to the amount of more than zero seconds. That would be more faster. Then it's px we changed it to between 150 x 200. Because of its storage space cannot exceed 1mb. Otherwise not put into Wechat inside it is good Now this is the speed of 0.

15 seconds to play After you are finished selecting press Then it will be saved. Then we can look at the storage over one more time. This is just to do, Well now we open our Wechat. We chose Sticker Gallery Press into We saw a gear according to press into shape. We then select Custom (custom) Over there is a shape to press the + + icon.  Then we can choose our gif. The first one is we just did gif Press into, Then press OK It took us just added to the list of gif Well now you can send up to that gif Good to see our press send the sticker Ya we succeeded.  Emoticons are a special category exactly similar like stickers. I suggest you to read View Colleges emoticons collection for better understanding